Exploration companies extract oil and gas. The businesses are a vital part of energy production because they are in charge of the exploration and production of fuels. Several companies have become hugely successful in this field and are prevalent in various continents. From statistics conducted over the years, here are the world’s top exploration companies.

Sinopec Group

The Sinopec Group, also known as China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, is a widely known company all over the world. It has specialized in many fields such as the exploration of oil and gas, production, petrochemical engineering, international trade, and so much more. The gas and petroleum extracted by the company is shipped to various parts of the world in both crude and refined form. The Sinopec Group has accumulated lots of profits. It continues to do so since it holds the first position on the ranking of great oil empires.

Royal Dutch Shell

This British oil and gas company ranks second worldwide in the exploration industry. Due to the rising prices of both gas and oil per year, the company continues to enjoy lucrative profits. Among the many businesses that it deals with is liquid natural gas (LNG) which has proved to be a very promising front for them. Since the venture was launched, the Royal Dutch Shell company’s profits have increased by a significant margin. It has a net worth of around 400 billion dollars and has employed hundreds of thousands of employees.

China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC)

The 346 billion dollar company is state-owned and has been listed among the biggest oil and gas businesses, not only in China but, worldwide as well. The company is in charge of 26 refineries, making it possible for CNPC to produce over 150 million tonnes of oil per annum. It supplies fuel to 38 African countries, parts of central Asia and in the Asia-Pacific region. The Middle East, Russia and South America also benefit significantly from CNPC.