Oil and gas production is a highly profitable sector. It’s a global powerhouse with thousands of workers generating billions of dollars annually. Oil and gas exploration companies contribute significantly to the national economy. However, for a country to start producing oil, the process begins with exploration. Identifying oil fields and coming up with accurate predictions requires competent companies. However, new technologies have made the work more comfortable than before. Go through this article to learn some of the methods used in identifying fields with the potential of producing oil.

Seismic Prospecting

Although exploration companies use several methods to identify oil fields, seismic prospecting has been a reliable method for a long time. Besides, this method is widely used globally in the exploration of hydrocarbons. It utilizes seismic waves that are sent through the rock strata to create maps showing the structure of deposits underground.

Well Logging

This is also a standard method, where explorers utilize the records of rocks and the properties of fluids. The records help in finding hydrocarbon areas in geological formations that are crossed by boreholes.

Gravity Surveying

In this method, explorers measure spatial variations in the fields of gravitation. The earth gravity variation originates through the difference of the underground rocks’ density. Rocks containing oil have low density compared to water-filled rocks. Therefore, explorers look for fields with lower gravity.

Geochemical Prospecting

This method is used in identifying hydrocarbon deposits. The technique is based on an analysis of chemical composition. It utilizes the structure of dissolved gases, and underground water, as well as organic matter. The chemical concentration of the materials found underground increases in water. Therefore, when the chemical approaches the deposit, it begins to be more concentrated.

Final Remarks

Many countries have explored potential fields to identify if there are deposits of either oil or gas. The method used in exploration and the company given the work can be instrumental in coming up with accurate results.